The origin

The origin of the company goes back to 1915 with Pedro Florit Camps, who passed on the wisdom of fresh artisan cheese ripening to his nephew (father of current owner), who collected the cheeses from various llocs (farms) on a weekly basis and sold them together with wool, salt and sugar in grocery stores and markets.

It was in 1940 that Dalrit S.L. was established, a combination of the endings of the surnames Mercadal and Florit. At the age of 13, his son Pedro Mercadal Pons was incorporated into the business. Alongside his father he soaked up the passion and respect for the dairy product that united his family, which he later went on to ingrain in his four children, as well as business and commercial skills.

Designation of Origin

The history of the brand, together with its name, Queso Mahón Dalrit, started at the end of the last century. It is a product of Protected Designation of Origin, intimately linked to the island of Menorca, forming part of its culture and customs.

Menorca, situated in the northwest of the Balearics islands, is a haven for cheese production. From the beginning of existence there is documentation of the cheese production, goodness and exportation beyond the island. But it was during the past century that big changes in cheese production on Menorca happened, from both an artisan and industrial point of view.

The company specialises in Mahón-Menorca cheese, but also has exclusive distribution of Menorcan cheeses throughout the whole of Europe. They use Teodoro García as their supplier, the biggest supplier of dairy products in Spain.

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